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Material Estimator

Estimate How Much Material You'll Need

At BMC Aggregates, we want to be as helpful as possible in helping you complete your projects. Whether you’re in charge of ordering for a major construction project or you’re trying to complete a DIY project at home, you need to know how much material is needed to get the job done. Use our Material Estimator Tool to get an idea of how much material you’ll need.

Approximate Coverage Area in Square Feet Per Ton:

Depth (Inches)RoadstoneClean RoadstoneSand & Gravel

Try Our Material Estimator

Simply enter the required measurements of your project and select which material you want to use. Our tool will do the rest and tell you the tonnage required to get the job done!

Select Shape

  • Width

  • Length

  • Diameter

  • Depth

  • Material

*All values calculated are approximations only


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