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Frequently Asked Questions

To find answers to our most common questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

image of a large quarry machine
  • What are your hours of operation and where is BMC Aggregates located?

    We have 25 locations in Iowa. See our Contact Info page for all of locations, hours, phone numbers, and maps.

  • What types of materials and products do you provide?

    We produce over 150 different products. Please see our Products Page for more information about some of the most common materials.

  • Can I have more information about your Dried Industrial Sand bags?

    We sell our Dried Sand in 50lb bags or Bulk Bags (approximately 2700 lb).

    50 lb bags can be purchased individually or by the pallet. We place 49 bags on a pallet.

    Our Bulk Bags are 35” x 35” x 35” and are placed on a pallet.

    There is a fee for all pallets and bulk bags. The pallets and bulk bags may be returned for a credit, if they are reusable as determined by our staff.

  • Can you load two different materials in the same truck?

    Sorry, no we can't.

  • Can you spread material on my drive way?

    The driver can tailgate spread the material as long as there are no overhead wires, tree limbs or other obstacles. Please keep in mind that the thickness of the spread material can’t be guaranteed. Any further leveling of material will be your responsibility.

  • How do I set up a delivery of your material to my home or job site?

    Just give us a call with all of your information, project location, material needed, delivery instructions, delivery time, and payment method. We will take care of it from there. Often times we can have your material delivered the same day.

  • Is there a fee for bringing material to your Recycle site?

    We do charge a nominal fee. Please contact us at 319-235-6583 for the current charge.

  • Is there a way to get an estimate on my project?

    Please see our Material Estimator to calculate the quantity of material you may need. For product and delivery prices, please contact the Sales Rep nearest to you.

  • What is the procedure for picking up material at your location?

    When you arrive at one of our locations please follow any posted signs and proceed to the scale house. Pull onto the scale so your empty weight can be recorded. Go into the scalehouse and tell the weighmaster what type and how much of the material you are needing. They will direct you to the proper pile where the loader operator will load your material. You will then proceed back to the scale to get your final weight and pay for your material.

    All trucks and trailers must have side boards/end-gates. We reserve the right to refuse to load any vehicle.

  • What is your minimum delivery load size?

    We do not have a minimum delivery load size. The delivery charge is based on quantity delivered and mileage from our location. Please contact our Sales Office for delivery charges.

  • What size vehicles do you load?

    We load any type of truck or trailer. All trucks and trailers must have side boards and endgates.

  • What type of material do you accept at your Waterloo Recycle site?

    We accept broken concrete and asphalt. It must be relatively free from dirt.

    We do not accept Composite Concrete. The asphalt must be milled or scraped from the concrete and the two products brought in separately. We also do not accept concrete pipe, bricks, cinderblock, wood, plastic or building demolition material (concrete floor is accepted).

    We reserve the right to refuse any load.

  • What type of payment do you accept?

    Payment is expected at the time of pickup or delivery.

    We accept cash, Debit, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express.

    For qualified businesses and individuals we offer a charge account. Please complete our online application and we will call and discuss the quantity of material you are needing. Please allow 3 to 5 days for processing.